Who Is 815 Diesel

The Origins

Back in 2008 a group of diesel performance enthusiasts began the company known as Empire Diesel Performance. It started off as a side project to build and experiment with the latest high performance after market diesel truck parts for their pullin truck called Split Decision. After proving that Empire knew what they were doing in the diesel performance scene they began gaining customers wanting to have the best pullin trucks. What people didn't widely know was that Empire Diesel Performance also did general maintenance, tune-up work & sold the after market parts that everyone wants. The decision to create a online presence was an easy one as they knew the future will rely heavily on internet based information & transaction.

After laying out the ground work & having the original website built Empire knew they had to step up the aesthetics of the website which is why they hired their first IT specialist in 2013. After spending months in development the newly designed website was finally up & operational.

The Re-Launch

On October of 2015 the Empire Diesel Performance was taken down & was in the process of being sold. On May of 2016 Empire Diesel Performance was officially sold & relocated to it's new location in La Moille Illinois. August 1st 2016 marks the official re-launch date of the Empire Diesel Performance website & the beginning of a new journey.

The Re-Branding

Beginning in 2017 after the successful re-launch of Empire Diesel Performance under new management the team thought it was time to take what was already set and give it a new name. This was something that had to personal and unique in order to let everyone know that this company is not the same Empire it once was. July 2017 marks the official birth of 815 Diesel,

What Sets 815 Diesel Apart

Our core foundation & understanding of the diesel performance world is what helps set us apart from everyone else. Whether it's on or off the track we know what works and do our best to stay ahead of the curve in the field of technology.

Our Main Goal

The main goal here at 815 Diesel is to provide the best products & services to the diesel performance community. If a part isn't listed on our site you can always email us and we can let you know if it's available.

Empire Diesel Performance Timeline