New To Online Shopping?

How do I purchase an item on your website?

This may seem like a silly question to people who are regulars to the online shopping arena but it is an important one for new shoppers. The process is fairly simple and depending on your internet speed it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to complete.

After you know exactly what you want simply press the add to cart button which is located on each product page. On the top right of the website there is a shopping cart icon which when you click it will take you to a new page that you can review what you are ordering. On this page you can add a coupon code if you have one and if everything is good then you can click on the checkout button.

The checkout page will have a simple form to fill out which include your name, a valid email address, address & phone number. After entering this information in you may select the type of shipping you wish to use. (Note: We strictly use FedEx unless products are being drop shipped directly from the manufacturer.) You may use a Credit/Debit card or PayPal account to pay for the product.

We suggest reviewing all the information and if everything is correct then click on the process order button. If you chose to use a Credit/Debit card and the information is correct then a confirmation screen will appear to let you know the order has been placed. If you chose PayPal to pay for your item then you will be led to a login screen which you will have to put in your credentials to use PayPal. You will be taken to a review screen and if everything is good you may select the process order button. After that is complete you will be taken to the order confirmation screen.

You are now finished with the process of purchasing an item on our website which is universal for all e-commerce stores.

Online Shopping Concerns

What is the advantage of going online to purchase automotive parts?

There are many specialty and racing parts providers that operate websites. This gives you access to the cutting edge technology you need direct from the producers in many cases. In some cases you can find parts and accessories that you can’t get anywhere locally.

Can I get better deals online than in a local store when shopping for auto parts?

Yes. Online retailers of auto parts general will beat the prices you can find in local stores. Looking online for the best price may lead you to a great source or parts that you will continue to use for years.

How much does shipping cost?

All orders totaling over $50.00 qualify for free shipping anywhere within the 48 continental states of the US. For more information on shipping policies, visit the shipping section of our customer service page.

How can I track my package?

Following the placement of your order you will receive an e-mail from our online store with a tracking number that you can use to track your package. You may also log in to your account to check the status of your package.

Diesel Performance

What does CC | EC | SC | SB | LB | P-SS | SS Tubing stand for?

Please use this guide to understand the aforementioned acronyms:

CC = Crew Cab

EC = Extended Cab 

SC = Standard Cab 

SB = Short Bed 

LB = Long Bed 

P-SS = Polished Stainless Steel 

SS Tubing = Stainless Steel Tubing

Remote Mount vs. Turbo Mount?

  • Remote mount brakes are used for applications where engine compartment space is a problem and mounting the exhaust brake in the main exhaust system is the only option, or, turbo mount is not available (I.E. Van application or Motorhome). 
  • Turbo Mount brakes mount directly onto (or immediately behind) the turbocharger. These brakes are usually easier to install and have the quickest activation. This is generally the preferred brake to install unless installation room is an issue.

What is a core charge?

A core charge is a refundable charge that makes the auto-part rebuilding industry possible. Without core charges, there would be no rebuilt parts available, leaving customers to pay the exorbitant cost of new parts, which would be even higher without the competition of rebuilt / remanufactured parts.

When will my core charge be refunded?

We try to refund core charges within 3 business days of receiving the core. It may take a few extra days for your credit card company to apply the credit to your account. PLEASE be sure to pack your cores carefully so they are not damaged in return shipment. It is also important to insure your cores in case of damage or loss, and to retain the tracking number.

What are the core criteria?

If you have any questions about your cores, please contact us.

  • Must fill out core form and place in return package.
  • Cores must be in a condition representative of normal use.
  • Cores that would NOT be acceptable are those that were in a fire, have been left outside in the weather and are rusted internally, or are physically broken.
  • Cores must not be disassembled or have been disassembled.

How should I ship the core?

  • After installing the new / rebuilt item, simply put OLD ITEM / UNIT back in the original shipping box. Please drain off oil or fuel if possible. Wrap in sturdy plastic bag if needed.
  • Ship via your own preferred method.

How long do I have to return my cores?

We allow 30 days from the date you receive the item to the date we receive the core for a full refund. After 30 days, no core charges will be refunded.

Shipping Care Suggestion

When shipping injectors to us we suggest wrapping each individual injector in either bubble wrap or thick foam. Once they are all in the box make sure to add padding as needed to make sure the injectors do not shake during transit. If you shake the box and hear any rattling it needs to be repackaged. This will help insure that there will be no expensive damage done to the injectors.