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1989 -2016 Cummins 5.9L/6.7L

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Hubb Oil Filters

Save time and money by using a Hubb Reusable Oil Filter.  It out performs convention filters from the new patented design to the materials they are manufactured out of.  The Hubb filter has two large channels in the base of the filter that increase the flow of oil into the filter in comparsion to a conventional filter.  Hubb's patented filter in a filter design sends the oil from the outside of the filter to the inside through the primary filter.  When the oil pressure increases the 1st pressure differential valve opens and the oil flows into the secondary filter where it travels from the inside to the outside through the secondary filter. This opposite flow from the primary filter eliminates contamination of the clean and dirty oil, sending only the clean oil back out the filter from the center to the engine.  To further protect your engine the filter has a 2nd pressure differential valve that opens when the pressure becomes excessive in extreme operating conditions. this 2nd differential valve ensures that the engine is never without oil.


Conventional Filter

  • Made from paper
  • One filter design
  • Does not improve oil flow
  • 52% Efficiency at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns
  • Standard contaminant storage capacity, captures oil
  • Does not improve emissions
  • Standard oil change interval

HUBB Filter

  • Made from surgical stainless steel
  • Filter-in-a-filter design
  • Improves oil flow by 5X, thereby reducing engine friction
  • 99% Efficiency at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns (captures contaminants up to 2 microns)
  • Increases contaminant storage capacity by 5X, doesn’t capture oil
  • Up to 30% carbon emissions reduction
  • Double + the oil change interval


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