ReadyLift Anti-Wobble Trac Bar 77-2000

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2005 - 2012 Ford Powerstroke | For 0" - 4" Lifted

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ReadyLIFT is proud to offer a full line of steering and stability performance kits. At the heart of this line is the new2005-UP Ford Super Duty Off Road Series Anti-Wobble Trac Bar. Designed specifically to remove the steering oscillation (steering wobble) that many Super Duty truck owners complain of, this super heavy duty track bar is available in both a bent and straight bar design. The bent trac bar is for use on trucks with 0-4” of suspension lift or more. The 77-2000 BENT BAR is for use only on 2005--2014 Super Duty 4WD trucks with a stock, leveled or lifted suspension of 4" or less. If you have taller than 4" of lift, you must use the straight bar 77-2001.

Available for stock or lifted trucks and constructed of thick 1.5”x.188-wall tube fit with CNC machined welded end bungs, 7/8” chromoly left and right heims for easy adjustment and a 4140 CNC machined clevis, this new trac bar is so awesome it now holds a patent in both the US and Canada. (U.S. Patent 12/423,476, Canada Patent 2676542). Fits 2005-2014 Ford Super Duty 4WD F250 & F350, as well as 2WD & 4WD F450 and F550 trucks.

The ReadyLIFT 77-2000 Anti Wobble Trac Bar is designed to eliminate steering wheel oscillation that can occur both on stock and lifted Super Duty trucks. Super Duty owners have complained for years of steering vibrations, in some instances referred to as a "death wobble" similar to what Dodge Ram truck owners experience. If you have a stock or lifted Super Duty 4WD truck, this heavy duty adjustable anti-wobble trac bar WILL remove the steering issues. Even better is the heavy duty heims and clevis actually increase steering comfort! 


  • Trucks with 0”-4” inches of lift and no track bar relocation or drop pitman arm, utilize the bent bar application (77-2000)
  • Trucks with over 4” of lift or more will require the use of the straight bar kit (77-2001)
  • Trucks with a larger lift or lift kits which provide a drop track bar and or drop pitman arm may require a bent bar depending on the amount of track bar bracket drop.

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